Dear Prospective Student,

We, here at Massage Works School of Massage Therapy, want to take this time to thank for your interest in our school. And as you are considering our school, know that we are committed to our students, their training, and well being. We realize the time and financial commitment that students make in order to earn their massage license. And we are committed to provide a structured program, taught by qualified professionals with a limited enrollment, so everyone gets the individual training, but also an outstanding experience. We know you have a choice, and by choosing Massage Works School Of Massage Therapy, we make the following commitments to you:

~ It is our commitment to provide you with a diverse exposure to massage techniques.

~ It is our commitment to provide a challenging curriculum with a thorough background in anatomy and physiology.

~ It is our commitment to give you a great knowledge of the body's foundation, functions, structure and its complex muscle system, as this enhances the confidence of the massage therapist.

~ It is our commitment to assist you in increasing your awareness for yourself, as well as being an invaluable tool for you as a massage therapist.

~ It is our commitment to graduate excellent massage therapists, who are confident of their training, see themselves as whole and complete, and are intuitive body workers, who will make a difference in their world.

~ It is our commitment to help you achieve the confidence to successfully pass the State Board Exams.

~ It is our commitment to announce all job opportunities, as we know of them, and we are available to help students and graduates prepare for job interviews. Our services are free to our students and graduates, and include coaching on resumes, marketing ideas, or business questions you may have.

We are here for you,

Gregg and Theanna Benefiel

If you need any help or have any questions please call us at 870-269-6101